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DBSK in a nutshell


Kim Junsu

  • eukyangkyang
  • shake dat booty
  • playing soccer
  • oyagi gags
  • angel xiah pose
  • playing piano
  • getting bullied by everyone
  • petting cats
  • petting cats
  • petting cats
  • petting cats
  • cats are everything
  • dreaming about having all the cats of the country as…
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AU: Yoochun goes solo + his MVs

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I can’t remember how I was before DBSK

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No need to go to the States for that to happen  !!!

No. You would be mistaken for a girl and taken to a strip club. 

I wouldn’t have said it better

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Katherine in 5x15, reblog!!


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tree of life - changmin

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                              daythree/your otp crack version[x]                      “My fridge is my girlfriend” - Shim Changmin                                             this is a real quote
                              daythree/your otp crack version[x]
                      “My fridge is my girlfriend” - Shim Changmin
                                            this is a real quote

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